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November 12, 2020 News Summary

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

US Politics and Economics

Although many have called the 2020 election for Former Vice President Joe Biden, Incumbent President Donald Trump is yet to make a concession speech, as his campaign continues to challenge the results of the election, though they have not presented any evidence of fraud. The Associated Press has reported that the Trump campaign has focused on disputing five key states: Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. These states were all pivotal in pushing Biden above the 270 electoral votes needed to become President. The Trump campaign has gone as far as to set up a fund to supposedly help President Trump in his legal battle for the Presidential position, though it’s not determined where the money will go. As for the election itself, Biden has a roughly 3.5 point lead above the President, with 77.5 million votes compared to Trump’s 72.3 million.

Texas Politics

As the state contemplates if the exchanges make good on threats to move their trading platforms out of New Jersey, Texas Governor Greg Abbott will be meeting with representatives from major stock exchanges, such as Nasdaq. “Texas continues to be the premier economic destination in the country, attracting more leading businesses than any other state," says spokeswoman Renae Eze. Dallas News reports, “Under one legislative proposal, New Jersey would charge a quarter of a cent per “financial transaction” at entities processing at least 10,000 transactions annually via electronic infrastructure. That tax would generate an estimated $10 billion annually for the state. If the exchanges leave New Jersey for North Texas, it would bolster the region’s burgeoning financial services sector and signal a move away from Wall Street’s reliance on the East Coast.”


According to, CDC’s COVID Data Tracker, as of November 12, 2020, 12:32 PM, there are 10.31 million cases nationwide and 241k deaths. Currently, Texas leads with 1.05 million cases, while California follows with 984k.

(NBC) A vaccine is expected to seek federal permission to release it by the end of November, and it likely will require two doses in order for it to protect with maximum benefit. Scientists anticipate that the shots will cause enervating flu-like side effects. Nonetheless, even with a vaccine likely on the way, citizens ought to still follow and abide by COVID-19 guidelines.

Southeast US Weather

(Atlantic) Tropical Storm Eta is now on its way across the northern border of Florida and into the Atlantic ocean. According to NHC, it will likely dissipate shortly after reaching the water. On the other hand, Tropical Storm Theta will continue to move forward, making its turn north early next week.

(Pacific) The disturbance has increased to a 60% chance of forming.



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