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October 11, 2020 News Summary

US Politics and Economics

Amidst the current pandemic, both candidates for the 2020 general election held “rallies” on Saturday. President Trump made an appearance with supporters in the White House, and claimed, despite his positive COVID diagnosis, that he was “feeling great” and that the pandemic is beginning to wane. While this was not an official campaign event, the president did touch on many important issues such as the economy and the walled border. However, Congressman Adam Schiff argued that it was “morally bankrupt” to hold yet another superspreader event at the White House after Trump’s nomination of Justice Amy Coney Barrett resulted in 11 people testing positive for COVID-19. Meanwhile, Democratic Nominee Joe Biden spoke to blue-collar workers in Pennsylvania, a key state that Trump won in the 2016 election. Biden spoke about his economic plans while dodging questions concerning the Supreme Court and “packing it,” instead opting to take a stand on this issue after the election. Currently, Biden has a roughly 10 point lead over Trump in the polls.

Texas Politics

In Texas, the early voting period is beginning on Tuesday, October 13th to the 30th. The deadline to apply for a mail-in ballot is October 23rd, and the deadline to send it in is November 3rd. Starting 7 a.m. on October 29th to 7 p.m. on October 30th, seven locations -- NRG Arena, Kashmere Gardens Multi-Service Center, McGovern Texas Medical Center Commons, East Harris County Activity Center, Tracy Gee Community Center, Juergen's Hall Community Center, and Victory Gardens -- will open for voters.


According to CDC’s COVID Data Tracker, as of October 11, 2020, 12:21 PM, there are over 7.69 million cases and 213.6k deaths nationwide. According to the data, California leads with the most infections at a total of 842.7k, and Texas follows by a total of 790k cases.

There is some evidence that the vaccine designed to combat tuberculosis (BCG) may help fight COVID-19. Studies in South Africa find that the vaccine reduced 73% infections in the nose, throat, and lungs. In the Netherlands, the vaccine reduced the amount of yellow fever virus. “This could be of major importance globally," Prof John Campbell, of the University of Exeter Medical School, told BBC.

Science and Technology

According to BBC, as Mars lines up with Earth, it is at the biggest and brightest viewable state from our planet. The actual moment of “ opposition” will occur on Tuesday night at 23:20 GMT. Astrophotographer Damian Peach states that “ nine or 10 o'clock in the evening, you'll easily see it over in the southeast.”

Water delivered to the International Space Station (ISS) from Earth will become difficult as the human race ventures further into space. “As an alternative, we are developing self-sustaining closed-loop life support systems that could be flown in space in the future, supplying astronauts with all the oxygen, water, and food they require. MELiSSA is a multi-element effort, with projects taking place all across European – and Canadian – universities and industry. In addition, there have been numerous terrestrial spin-offs from MELiSSA technology.”

Southeast US Weather

(Atlantic) The remnants of Delta marked on the outlook cause rain to move eastward into the gulf stream. This area of interest dealing with shear is designated to be 93L.

(Pacific) The remnants of Norbert have a moderate chance of reforming into a tropical storm.

(Local: Houston) The high is 92 degrees Fahrenheit and the low is 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to an incoming cold front, the temperature will cool to around the upper 70s next week.



US Politics and Economics: Dylan, Miranda, Caleb, and Annabelle

Texas Politics: Stephanie, Vicki, and Megan

Health: Matthew, David, and Owen

Science and Technology: Bryan, Yiqi, and Joseph L.

Southeast US Weather: Jade, Aiden, and Simon

Editor: VIA, Isabel, and Susanna

(All writers and editors are in middle to high school)

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