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What is HYNC?
HYNC stands for Houston Youth News Club. All writers and editors of this club are in middle or high school, who have the shared goal of providing trustworthy news summaries to our communities. We value a strong work ethic and the coalescence of the upcoming generation. 
What are the benefits of joining HYNC?
Writing and editing for HYNC allows young journalists to gain invaluable critical-thinking skills through reporting on local, national, and worldwide news assignments.
How do I contact HYNC?
The HYNC email is: HYNC members will also have the ability to utilize Skype.
What must I do as an HYNC member?

You will be assigned a category to write about with around 2-3 other teammates to produce a finished news summary Wednesday - Sunday. Requirements for your summary will depend on several factors, including the topic, size of the group, etc., and will be sent to you after joining the HYNC Skype Chat and Google Classroom. 

How does a team work, exactly?

Around 3-4 writers make a team to write together, and a team leader will be chosen based on the level of ability and responsibility. Through the HYNC Google Classroom, the team leader will submit the group's work on a post with the day's date. There will be a section titled "Your Work" where the team leader will kindly attach the finished Google Document. 

It is critical that you remain respectful and act professionally towards all your teammates and clubmates for as long as your remain under HYNC. Refusal to comply may end in an absolute dismissal from HYNC.

When is the team's work due?

By 6pm (CDT), the team's document should be submitted into the correct assignment, so that the entire news summary may go through the Editing Team and be published by 9pm (CDT). 

What is the Editing Team?

The Editing Team is a separate team of writers who at 6pm (CDT) to 9pm (CDT), format, revise, and edit all the teams' work into a finished summary, ready to be published publicly. 

Do I need to pay to join HYNC?

No, joining HYNC costs absolutely nothing except a bit of your time in order to practice writing, expand your knowledge, sharpen critical thinking skills, and make some friends. 

What if I cannot complete my daily obligations and responsibilities as part of the team?

If you cannot do your part in the team, it is necessary that you have, the day before, emailed an absence note to You should also be considerate and report to your team (leader) so that the rest of your team may be prepared to take on your workload. Failure to do so will result in an unexcused absence report. 

5 consecutive days of absences (excused or unexcused) or 20 total days of unexcused absences (this resets by semester) will result in becoming an inactive member, which means that you will need to reapply for a position. 

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